Supplier Security Policy

Policy / Procedure

Cellulant is committed in accordance with the company purpose and values to maintaining and improving information security and minimizing exposure to risk within the company to provide and support our services for our customers, to ensure secure and resilient Services and to offer timely and reliable Customer Support services thus enriching the customer experience

It is Cellulant’s policy therefore to ensure that;

  1. Information security risks will be identified and maintained at an acceptable level to ensure procurement of solutions that are able to provide the level and quality of Information Security required
  2. Risks resulting from organizational, physical, environmental and emerging technological changes and the use of third parties will be assessed and appropriately managed.
  3. Contracts with third parties shall define their information security responsibilities for example in an NDA;
  4. During the duration of contracts with third parties, Cellulant will manage the relationship to ensure information security is maintained;
  5. Cellulant, as appropriate, will allow third parties access to its information/ information systems where a formal contract stating information security responsibilities exist
  6. Information security awareness will be made available to all third parties as appropriate;
  7. All breaches of information security will be reported to and investigated by following the existing Incident Management Procedure
  8. Third party access to Cellulant’s information/information systems for support and/or maintenance will be monitored and subject to periodic checks