The Payments Platform for businesses on the move

Cellulant is your one-stop payments platform in Africa.

We are changing the way customers pay and get paid in 34 countries all from a single, connected payments platform. Our platform processes 12% of Africa’s digital payments today.

Consumer Payments

The Cellulant wallet provides the right infrastructure that gives customers a choice on how to manage and use their money to do more. The customer to pay for utilities, airtime, shopping and other lifestyle commitments seamlessly wherever they are. It also helps the customer avoid disconnections and disruptions using reminders of payments due and updates on expenditure. It is a powerful and robust African payment platform where they can also track expenses, save, get loans from the comfort of their phones.

Collect Payments

The Cellulant Payment Gateway provides a secure end-to-end payment channel for merchants that allows any mobile user to pay for merchant services at any time. The merchant is able to track all incoming payments using a robust invoicing, billing, payment, reconciliation, and reporting infrastructure. It provides access to a variety of payment channels including Point of Sale Terminals (POS), ATMs, Cards, Agent network, USSD, SMS and Check out APIs for E-commerce.

Digital Banking

The Cellulant wallet enables banks and other financial institutions to reach customers in all places and provide services including balance inquiries, bank to mobile wallet transfers, airtime top-up, funds transfers and SMS communication simply through their phone. In turn, it provides customer management, reporting, transaction, messaging, agent management and service modules to the institutions, opening up a wider market and the ability to reach previously unbanked and underbanked communities without heavy investments.


The Cellulant wallet enables the dispatch of funds and products to multiple users from a single point of interaction. It is a product tailored to the unique needs of the individual client that can dispatch, track, change, and audit disbursement activities. The remittance function also has activation services used to maximise marketing and bulk SMS products that can be used to send customised information to large target groups.

Neighbourhood Agency Banking

Cellulant is building a financial service network to provide financial services to the unbanked through a nucleus of 6000 sites that will lead to the creation of 200000 agents points. These will become the defacto banking service points for the communities and enable people to send and receive money digitally with just their mobile number without leaving their neighborhood. It also has payment instruments like cards & mPOS devices, making bill payments, funds transfer to the bank or peer-to-peer transfers that make life even simpler.