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Welcome to the World of Entrepreneurial People

We are a vibrant, growing ecosystem of value-driven dreamers & builders, in pursuit to transform Africa in our lifetime.   We are all attitude & foresight; the masters of the art of problem solving for over 200 million customers across Africa, in every sector.

Everyday at Cellulant


We make possible. Endless possibilities await those who try; we unclip the restraints, shift thought processes and rise above everything


We give you tools to succeed. No one stays dormant in our teams: we push, challenge, train, retrain, and support people to reach their fullness


Build cool products: we create what people need or will need in the near future, meet the team of advance thinkers solving problems


I love coming to work to be part of a team driving solutions to everyday life for most Africans

– Rose Njambi, Support Engineer

The promise of a better tomorrow through focused effort on things that matter today, keeps me focused

– Julius Kamau, General Manager

I love to code and use it to create solutions that assist others

– Kevin Mkenya, Software Engineer

It is exciting that my ideas and opinions are considered valuable

– Cynthia Mutanu, Call center agent

I am glad I add value to my customers and help create a better experience for all on our platform

– Douglas Ambasu, Call center agent

It inspires me that people here have grown from intern to management, so anyone can

– Daisy Mutua, Direct Sales Representative

My favourite time is the Friday lounge where we get to see the fun side of everyone

– Caleb Suji, Activation Lead

My greatest lesson at Cellulant has been seeing the innovative people who sit among us regardless of the level of experience and how long they are with us.

–  Ann Njeri, Operations Executive