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We are the premier African digital payment platform for every sector; providing a reliable, realtime link to all things digital payments across Africa.

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Rapid digital payments integration

Providing secure, instant payments across platforms, service providers and sectors .

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The payments platform for businesses on the move

Discover how we can help your organisation, app, website and customers by integrating into Africa’s leading payments ecosystem which is connected to more banks, mobile network operators and merchants.

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From a dream, $3000 and a serviette, we are investing even more towards transforming Africa’s future in a big, audacious way.  In 2001 Cellulant’s co-founders, Ken Njoroge and Bolaji Akinboro from opposite ends of the continent sat across each other at a dinner table drew a business model on a serviette that became Cellulant.  With $3000 in their pockets, they set out to established what is today a leading multinational homegrown payment business in Africa, for Africa by Africans.

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